Identity takes on a whole new meaning..sometimes i feel like i have 2 faces - 2 personalities - 2 different sets of thoughts and ideas. I'm not fake. I'm not complete either. I'm broken. Shattered. It's almost as if i have to act a certain way around other poeple. I'm not what i think i am. I'm not really sure what i am. Or who i am. Or what i want. Or what people think i want. I'm another person on the outside that i am not on the inside. Maybe everyone is like this. Are we afraid to show our real selves? Did we adapt to this behaviour so early on, we just might've missed it all together? Do we not notice these things..or do we? I have always wondered who i am really. I know i'm not myself today..perhaps, i'm *you*.


as you can probably tell, i think about this question a we really know who we are? we're not who or what we's something i can't really describe, but something i just notice, observe in others, especially in myself. well in the meantime, my name's sara, i live in a house, in a city, in a state in a country that's somewhere on a continent on the face of this earth. vague enough for you? yeah well i love details, but i'm not sure if you need to know all of mine. its nothing intesting except to me and the voice inside my head. ok now its sounding very weird and not making much sense,so i'll just get on with what i intended to put here and tell you about some of my likes and dislikes..i like nothing and dislike a lot of things, ie pop culture, most of the superficial teenage wasteland called "high school", mtv, closed-minded people, and fascists. i think that might just cover it all, but this is sounding very negative as i'm reading over it, so i guess i'll share a few of my likes: acting, writing (poetry,plays,lyrics,essays anything it doesnt matter),british comedy (now you probably wouldnt have expected me to say that did you? hehe..just shows how unique and versitile people really are)punk music, art, painting, drawing, reading, wicca (although i do not practice it i still find it an interesting subject), astrology(but not horoscopes..those are full of shit - i'm talking about the real stuff - the signs and stars), and anything to do with the supernatural, especially vampires and vampirism (altho truthfully vampires are among the me crazy but then just think about might find its more truthful than you think.) so there you go - me. SaRa.

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