ThE   SeX   PiSToLS!

"yes isnt it nice?" of course it is! i luv the sex pistols..and you should too! even though their relationship as a band was short-lived, they sure did change the face of rock and roll as we know it..dont believe me? go see the new sex pistols documentary The Filth and the Fury..then you'll see what im talking about...they've had books written about them, magazine articles devoted to them,documentaries made about their lives, they've been on mtv (well ok not when they were together cos that wouldve been too early for mtv but you get the point), they even made a movie! still not satisfied? well ok...i can only do so much to change your attitude about them..but will you at least look at the pics? *smile*

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*Gallery 2*
*Gallery 3*


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