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My Favourite..Obsessions

ok so you wanna know my obsessions huh? you wanna know what i reeallyy like? ok here ya go..you asked for it. i cant tell you you'll like it though..its actually kind of stupid.

1st obsession: british guys. ok not ALL british guys, but most of them anyways. example 1: Rik Mayall. he is possibly the cutest british actor/comedian today. most Amaricans have only seen a small fraction of his stuff i.e. Drop Dead Fred, The Young Ones, Rik Mayall Presents (which was shown for a very short time on bravo in 1996) Shock Treatment (ok it was his 1st movie..dont expect a HUGE part!), and the Dangerous Brothers (kinda hard 2 find though..i had 2 veture out of town to locate it.) What attracts me to him? why do i STILL have a crush on him even though i have a boyfriend?! it's insane..that's all there is to it. i have felt this way for 4 years! i have a book full of 117 pages of pictures of him. i thought about him all the time..even when i was 6 i would trace his name on the mirror over and over just because. i didnt know why..i didnt like him..i just thought about him. a lot. it was weird, like there was some sort of connection between us..maybe not. but there ya go..that's just one of my obsessions.

2nd obsession: sunkist. why?! i dunno! there's no explanation for this! my friend laura got me hooked on it 3 months ago and now its all i drink..i dont think i may be able to function without it now..i like the way it tastes..the way it doesnt burn your throat when you drink it warm 1st thing in the morning..yes i love my sunkist..and im sure it loves me too..

3rd obsession: vampires. yes this is the one that scares my parents, out of all the others. they can handle sunkist and rik mayall but vampires..now they say that's just scary..no it isn't! i love vampires. i kinda always have. i love their pale skin, their sharp teeth..yeah and blood is always an obsession factor..yeah you can call me sick, but that's how i feel, so'k? salright..

4th obsession: the total 70's punk era. i once had very strong feelings for sid vicious.. that is, until i found out he was erm..dead. yeah i cried over that for a while. then i started dressing punk and wearing ripped shirts and spikes (which btw are very nifty. i still like those) and safety pins (also i love). i still wear those things occasionally..but im more gothic-punk right now..i think the spirit of punk is still very much alive and i support that all the way..but let's face it- punk was never the same after sid, johnny, the sex pistols, siouxie, iggy, the ramones, malcom and vivienne, and all the rest. it just kinda died and ressurected itself as a totally new style, without safety pins or rips or bondage gear..totally new, totally changed, transformed into what is termed "new school punk." or mostly "hardcore" style music with a superfast moshing beat that could make anyone crazy..im not saying i dont like that, but it's just not the same..it sucks to think all the good things were already dead and gone long before i was even born..those of you who lived through it- consider yourselves very lucky.